What is Omnia.11 G-Force?


Omnia.11 G-Force is a major update to the dynamics engines. This “plugin” replaces the wideband AGC, Multiband AGC, and multiband limiter algorithms. Most notable in this change is the fact that the limiters now have powerful intelligent control over their activities. This means the new multiband limiters act in a very “positive” way, and also features extremely low IMD in the process. This means there is greater clarity, punch, and detail that comes through vs. the standard “stock” dynamics core. ┬áLive voices punch through more, and are better protected from clipper-induced distortion.

There is also a dynamic equalizer section that does NOT use compression for its operation. It provides a high level of spectral consistency from source-to-source without ruining dynamics Continue reading “What is Omnia.11 G-Force?”