Cornelius Gould Omnia.11 G-Force Hot / CHR / Urban Leaning presets

Omnia.11 G-Force version 3.5 Hot / CHR / Urban Leaning presets

Here are a few presets initially designed around Hot Pop music formats, and will also work well with other formats as well.

Because of the bass texture, these presets make great candidates for Urban or Urban leaning formats as well!   These presets will ONLY work in G-Force, and will only sound correctly when used with G-Force  version 3.5(75) or higher.  

These are presets not on the Omnia.11 factory build.  They are new presets I designed in my sound lab and over the air waves for friends.

The suggested music formats are ONLY suggestions.  A “CHR designed preset” may very well work for Country, Rock, or AC.  It all depends on the characteristic sound of your particular radio market.  Some markets sound more aggressive than others, and there really is no “one size fits all” preset out there!

Need to tweak the preset more?  Look here for ideas!

This preset list is arranged from least aggressive to most aggressive sounding.  Yes, the numbers on some go from higher to lower, but that’s an effect of how I work.  It is easier to make a loud preset quieter, and maintain all its characteristics than to go the other way!  🙂

April 2018

HitMachine_5_2018: Nice full low end, with a pop music sound.

HitMachine_5_2018a: Same as above, but with louder bass.

HitMachine_4_2018c: A more aggressive version of HitMachine_5…

HitMachine_4_2018d: Same as above, but with louder bass.

HitCityRadio_2018a: An updated version of the tried and true preset.  This is very aggressive, lots of audio processing action to be heard!

HitCityRadio_2018b: Same as above, but with more bass pumped in…