Cornelius Gould (CG) Omnia.11 G-Force Pop Music Genre presets

Omnia.11 G-Force version 3.5 pop music genre presets.

Here are some specialty CHR / Pop Music presets that I designed to use with Omnia.11 G-Force version 3.5(75) or higher.   These will ONLY work in G-Force, and will only sound correctly when used with G-Force  version 3.5(75) or higher.

These are presets not on the Omnia.11 factory build.  They are new presets I designed in my sound lab and over the air waves for friends.

The suggested music formats are ONLY suggestions.  A “CHR designed preset” may very well work for Country, Rock, or AC.  It all depends on the characteristic sound of your particular radio market.  Some markets sound more aggressive than others, and there really is no “one size fits all” preset out there!

Need to tweak the preset more?  Look here for ideas!


CHR / Pop music preset list – March 2018

CG_SmoothCHR_7:  A smooth sounding CHR / HotAC / Country preset with full low end and moderate to moderately loud loudness levels.

HitCityRadio_2018: An aggressive CHR preset.  I tis an update to the factory “HitCityRadio” preset.

SingularityBigBass3d: Singularity is the polar opposite of “Event Horizon” in that it is not as bright, but every bit as loud.  This version features a unique bass signature from the factory default version.

Transonic:  A pop music preset that has a more neutral signature compared to other CHR presets.  This makes it a great candidate for a number of Pop Genre formats, including “oldies”.

Transonic Warm: Same as “Transonic” but with a “warmer” frequency balance.